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Excited receiving your visa to Australia? There are a few things you need to prepare before you leave your country so that you can feel free for the next adventures ahead.

Here's the list of things that our students advise you should do:

1. Organise your personal things at home: having your own room doesn't mean that you can leave your personal things unorganised. Being away for long time will make your things dusty and spoilt, not saying that the room could be spared for guests or visitors staying overnight occasionally as well. Keeping your belongings in a cabinet is a good idea.

2. Make a copy (or two) of your personal documents such as Passport, Visa grant letter, National ID card (if any), Offer Letter from the Institution that you'll study and any relevant information about your activity in the new country (such as address, phone number of your friends in Australia if known). Leave these documents in a folder with your parents, just in case they need them when you are away.

3. Book your flight tickets: You can book yourself or use a travel agent. Leave a copy of the flight itinerary for your parents at home.

4. Have you organised airport pick up, accommodation in Australia? If not, it's the good time to do it now. Contact the Institution or find the student/ community group online, they will give you the advice on how the local does it.

5. Packing: we'll do a separate post about what you should bring to Australia for your first trip to the country so stay tuned. But basically, you can now keep aside what you need the most for everyday life before making final selection of what to bring. You'll have about 30-40kg check in baggage and around 7-10kg of carry on luggage for most airlines.

6. Inform everyone that you're going to study abroad: hosting a farewell party, catching up with your loved ones and you'll be blessed to have them supporting your study abroad dream. They may give you some lucky money or presents for the great adventure ahead too (maybe :)). Don't for get to visit your grandparents, elders, old friends before flying out - they will miss you so much!

7. Okay, now you can share this post on your social media and say something like "what I'm doing now" with a smile. First mission accomplished. See you in Australia!

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