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How to win a PhD Scholarship in Australia

V Education - One of our students Trang Nguyen from Hanoi, Vietnam talks about her experience about her PhD application and shares with you some advices on how she won the full PhD scholarship for 4 years at one of the top Universities in Australia - Queensland University of Technology.

Here's her full article sent to V Education:

I had an opportunity to work directly with Ms Han Huynh when I would like to apply for the course Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering provided by Queensland University of Technology (QUT) and also apply for QUT Higher Degree Research Tuition Fee Sponsorship. Her professional manner contributed significantly in my successful admission to the course provided my short time constraints before my student visa expired.

Firstly, Han carefully checked my application for PhD and scholarship as well as the validity of all my files before submitting to QUT International Admission office. She also discussed with me about my needs and passions to deliver an appropriate approach to assist my application. Secondly, she continuously followed up to check the progress of my application. After my course was offered, she also helped me with requesting my electronic Confirmation of Enrolment, which is an essential document for me to apply for visa. Finally, she closely and timely assisted me with visa application lodgement by responding to all my enquiries and informing me of how and where to submit all my documents.

In terms of the preparation for the scholarship application, from my experience, I would give three advices, which many of you may have already known. First is ‘do not give up after your first try’. I was not successful with my first application for this course due to some reasons. However, with supports from my supervisor, my family and friends, as well as great support from Ms Han Huynh, I was offered the course and the scholarship which is worth my tuition fee for three years of researching. The second advice is ‘meticulous planned preparation is needed if you aim high’. I have prepared my application for about six months, but it was the result of all my efforts in study and research since I started my Bachelor Degree. Third, finding a good education agent will be beneficial as they are more familiar with the admission and enrolment process. You will also be informed with all the information you need to successfully enrol in the course you want and the career opportunities you may obtain after finishing your chosen course.

I would definitely recommend V Education and their dedicated education consultants to all international students who are looking for exceptional services for their study options in Australia.

Brisbane City,


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