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Wonder what you should bring along for your first trip to Australia? Some students have brough a lot of unnecessary things while missing many essential items. See what other students advise you to bring along to Australia in this post.

Most airlines allow around 30kg of check in baggage and 7kg of carry on luggage. Check your ticket to ensure you don't bring excess the allowance (or you'll end up paying more at the airport which isn't good before a departure). In our experience, this should be enough for what you need to bring to Australia for the first time.


- Passport

- Visa grant letter (you would already have an electronic copy of this visa but it doesn't hurt to print out a hard copy just in case. The computer system may have some problems at the time you arrive, you never know).

- CoE (Confirmation or Enrollment) from your education institution(s).

- Bank cards

- National ID card (if any)

- A small handbook with your contact details and emergency contact (home address, phone number, etc)

- Flight tickets

- Family pictures (yes, you'll be homesick at times)

* All of these documents should be copied and left at home with your family members, just in case they need them when you are away.


- Casual dress: about 5 set of casual clothes that you will wear everyday.

- Formal dress: about 1-2 set of formal clothes that you will wear for formal events.

- Traditional dress: if your culture has traditional/national dress, bring 1 set that you will wear for traditional/cultural occasions.

- At-home clothes: pyjamas, shorts & tops, whatever that you normally wear at home. Bring about 3 sets.

- Winter clothes: June to August is winter season in Australia so make sure that you have winter clothes to keep you warm. 2 winter jackets, stockings, onesie, gloves, scarfs, socks, etc.

- Shoes: 2 pairs of sport shoes, or flats for girls. Remember that we walk a lot in Australia (and up the hills!), so high heels are not practical but one pair for party/nigh clubbing is fine. Plus one pair of thongs for the beach in summer.

- Other accessories: jewelries, hat, cap, sunglasses, hand bags, backpacks, etc. one for each

- Cosmetics: bring travel sized cosmetics that you use everyday for the first week. When you settle in Australia, you can stock them up later, all supermarkets here have almost all types of cosmetics you want.


- Laptop & charger (remember to install all basic software if possible, or you have to buy them here)

- Tablet & charger

- Phone & charger

- Dictionary (if needed)

- Notebook, pen, pencil: only one small each. Or even don't have to bring because you can get them free at Orientation events.


Australia is very strict on what foods you can bring into the country so try not bringing them, especially traditional foods and you are coming for the first time. This will slow you down at the Custom gate as they will check up everything in your luggages and worse you may not be allowed to take them with you. And as Australia is a very multicultural country, you can find almost everything you want in the markets here, so don't need to bring foods if you are not sure they are allowed.


If you've grown up sleeping with your tiny lovely cutie Teddy bear, bring him/her along!


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