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Christmas Event in Saigon

Merry Christmas from V Education!

This year, our team celebrates Christmas with our students and their families in Ho Chi Minh City (formerly known as Saigon) in Vietnam. More than 40 friends have joined us in a festive style event at a local coffee in District 3.

The first talk show was delivered by V Education's Director Han Huynh with the topic "Vocational or Higher Education" received a great participation and discussion with the audiences. While many students tend to choose higher education degrees after High School, some others start with vocational courses which offer more practical trainings for their career. The issues of choosing the wrong study programs that many international students face have been well addressed in the event.

All participants are winners at the event. Besides quality talks and conversations with our staff, all students receive made-in-australia gifts. An interesting note, our caterer, Linh Anna, is a graduate of TAFE Queensland who is now the owner of a lovely bakery and cake shop in Saigon. This little secret has been kept until the end of the event, after all guests have enjoyed the cakes and wondered where the cakes are from.

The feedbacks of the event participants encourage V Education to keep organising similar talk shows in an informal atmosphere so that more students can join to obtain information for their study planning. We will update on our website and social media channels should there be any events coming soon.

Now, let's have a look at some photos from the event

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